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Now, later, why

You heard it from your mom or your granddad or an awesome teacher. Maybe you had your very own Mrs. Garrett who taught you life lessons in half hour segments. But however you first encountered it, I’m certain you’ve heard it. “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” I woke up this morning thinking [...]


Facebook, children and your fences

Got a call yesterday from (the awesome) Patricia Kitchen (@patriciakitchen) at Newsday. We had a nice conversation about the Wall Street Journal’s report that Facebook is testing technology to allow children under 13 to have access to the site. Or as one commenter put it ”Facebook explores not requiring kids under 13 to lie about their age.” The [...]


Be Selfish – Volunteer

Weekends are great times for me. I’m lucky enough to get extra time with incredible people (my wife and kids) and every few weeks, I get an extra treat on Sunday mornings; I’m given the opportunity to speak with a group of the most awesome teenagers and pre-teens at my church. There are so many [...]

One of my favorites from the Paperbeatsscissors Tumblr

A lesson from an episode of The Pitch

So I’ll admit it. I now have a reality TV show that I enjoy watching, after years of making fun of friends and family. The other night AMC’s The Pitch came on and I saw that a few friends had checked into it on GetGlue so I checked it out. I enjoyed it, you may [...]

shocked kid

The Wrong Customer

People hire a professional because they need expert advice or service, and yet sometime they want to tell the expert how to do their job. The problem is, sometimes they’re a little off. In fact not only are they sometimes a little off, sometimes they’re completely wrong. If you’re like me, you’ve had one or two financial [...]

Stillness in the Storm


Look at your calendar; what did you do last week? Now think about all the other things that you did that are not on there, mommy/daddy/husband/wife stuff, errands, shopping, traffic, subway, TV, Facebook, TV, Facebook, a little sleep, TV, Facebook. Chronically overscheduled is something I’m often guilty of too (although I’m getting better). But I’ve [...]


Is The Porridge Ready?

I love this story my friend Rich Barker told to explain his Goldilocks and the Three Bears Rule. After a church service he’s standing next to the Pastor as people come over to say goodbye. The first woman comes up and says “Pastor, I loved the sermon today, but unfortunately it was just too hot [...]

T Shirt For Your Financial Future

Free T Shirt!

Had a great discussion with Ramon Nuez last night, and data came up. Hot topic of late, Big Data, Small Data, even Better Data. So what do you know about your personal data. Do you know what ad networks are collecting behavioral data on you to serve personalized ads? When’s the last time you downloaded your info from the two services that [...]



brevity can be opportunity for more creativity. Sometimes, often actually,  the best way is the shortest way. Less words can say more. Talk less, listen more and sell more. Less ‘look at me’ marketing and more ‘how can we help you’ stories. Less busy work means more time to change the world and more time [...]


What You Don’t Deserve

One. Three. Half a dozen or so. Hundreds. How much time do we spend striving to get what we deserve? The new widget, the next version of the thing-a-mabob, the first 100,000 users, the A, the raise. Do you deserve those things? Maybe you do, in fact, let’s just say you do. But today, I’m [...]