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Why I love and you should too (and a discount code)

What I dislike (if you know me you can feel the restraint in that word) about most networking events is the lack of humanity. I understand that everyone has something to sell (their startup, their service, themselves). The problem is unless I know you, I’m really (really, really, really) not interested in your 30 second [...]


Things to share at the 8/18/11 LITweetUp

I’ve been thinking about importing one more thing into the Long Island Social Media / PR / Marketing scene and I’ve decided I’m definitely going to do it. It’ll be in-industry mainly and I’ll have more details at the LITweetUp at Alure.


Extending the Call for Speakers for 140Conf Long Island

OK, we heard you and we get it. The site was down for almost a week due to tech difficulties and many of you got lost in the shuffle and really wanted to submit a talk; not good because there are some really great stories out there and we want Long Island and the world [...]

Are you Influential?

It’s really easy to make me happy. Laugh at my jokes, smile back when I smile at you or maybe put my picture in the paper and be kind enough to throw in a quote (thank you @PatriciaKitchen). So if Patricia were to call me now and ask me to email my famous pear omelette recipe, would [...]

Long Island FIVEtoFOLLOW

Nice mention in Newsday today!

Thank you to @CarlCory & the gang at Newsday for including me in their first ever FIVEtoFollow in LI (page A31).  The real stars on the list are the other 4 people, I’m just on because 3 of them are friends of mine.   Please get to know my talented Long Island friends @SteveHaweeli, @AmandaNMarsh, [...]

Missing swsx?? Come to #usXsw virtual weekend!! (and don’t miss the party)

usXsw is a great guided online conference with input from dynamic people all over the world, lots of fun and prizes!. It was created by the great folks over at the #UsGuys group on twitter. My partners and I at Socialisle are honored to be hosting the official party usXsw Live on Saturday night at [...]


My thoughts on The Well by Chris Gregory

Great storytelling captivates me, especially when I come across a piece that shakes up a preconceived notion I’ve held on to and never considered thoroughly.  The Well: Covering Capitol Hill by Chris Gregory is one of those stories.  My buddy John Doyle (@14str8) shared it on Facebook this morning.  Take a look if you have [...]

Guest Speaking for the Long Island Junior Chamber (LIJaycees) 1/25/11

I am honored and so excited to have the opportunity to speak for the @LIJaycees meeting tomorrow night. Having met some of the new leadership of the chamber and spending some time with the group at Houlihan’s the other night I can tell you this is a dynamic group of people ready to make waves. [...]

Long Island SnowDay LITweetUP

Image via Wikipedia Live video #LITweetUP right here during the #SnowDay!! Talk to all your friends without traveling. At 10:30 hit the Join Chat button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you have a webcam, cue it up so we can see you. We’ll mostly be just hanging out and comparing [...]

Small Business Saturday Long Island

American Express and FaceBook are promoting Small Business Saturday on November 27th in an effort to get consumers out to our local stores and strengthen the backbone of our economy. LITweetUP is doing what we can to help our Long Island Small Businesses. More details after the video. What is it? According to the Facebook [...]