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What Makes Me Tick

I’m a humanity geek. While I love tech for tech’s sake and new gadgets make me happy, they don’t matter to me until I can see how they improve someone’s life.

My passion lies in helping people find value for their lives and their businesses in our exciting new world.  For me, it’s the technology of the human heart and mind that’s most amazing.

Then Came Twitter

In 2007 I first tweeted as @namnum with the truly memorable and profound:


In 2008 I went to my first BarcampNYC and met people and saw stuff that changed my outlook on life forever. So much so that I helped organize a few, just so I could get around awesome, smart people.

In March 2009, I helped @dani3boyz and @emoltzen organize the first ever LITweetup. November of that year we organized the first annual LITweetup Helps campaign where Long Island’s social media community helped collect food for Island Harvest. In 2010 I orchestrated Long Island’s first Social Media Camp and in 2011, I was part of the team that brought the first ever global social media conference to Long Island, the 140 Characters Conference – Local Long Island.

In 2011 I started a company called Socialisle with a couple of friends. We worked on ways to educate small business owners to use social communications and social media to grow their businesses.

Today I continue working with small and mid-sized businesses at my new firm NoFancyName and I continue the mission of educating business owners at SocialSchool.

Wanna Work With Me?

I’m always open to talk about amazing projects. I don’t care the size, I love helping a small business transform itself by taking advantage of the new social media tools just as much as working with a brand to solve the problem of reaching a particular niche demographic.

Just 2 things please:

  1. I’m not a bargain guy, I’m good. If you want cheap, just check around your neighborhood, there’s a ‘social media expert’ giving a seminar somewhere tonite.
  2. If you hire me for my expertise, I’m the expert. Your feedback and knowledge is crucial but you need to trust my decisions.

Get in touch, let’s chat. 516-882-7712 or @namnum is the quickest way.

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