Just an ordinary billboard, or is it.


Silly Bandz
Beanie Babies
MySpace customized profiles
Neon Legwarmers
Bike Shorts
Ripped Jeans
Blue hair spray
Safety pins
Pet Rocks
Pants so low your boxers (or thong) show

We all have a fad or two that make us laugh. We might even have a few embarrassing pictures that we wish we could burn or wipe from every server on the planet. But of course, at different points in our life common sense overtakes us and we move on from those fads. At some point for most of us, common sense and maturity mix together and we look at the fads of youth and say things like “what are those youngsters thinking?” Of course a lot of us go too far in that direction in the name of “common sense and maturity” and that keeps us from being bold and experimenting, but that’s a different post for a different day.

But the other day I took the picture that led off this piece because I just couldn’t believe what I was (barely) seeing. I know you can’t make it out, so let me try and help.

Enhanced Billboards?

It’s a billboard. It’s 5 stories up. It has a QR code on it (plus the font was too small, but let’s not nitpick).

I feel like we need some sort of PSA here. Maybe we should ask one of the agency that do the anti-drug ads to tackle this problem.

“This is  unnecessary QR codes. This is your creative on unnecessary QR codes. Questions?” (don’t get it? click)

Don’t get me wrong, some form of scan and go to connect the mobile device and physical goods and ads is going to work, and it might even be QR codes. But I don’t think a lot of people are going to scale a building to scan a code.

Now QR codes on neon legwarmers, that could work.

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2 thoughts on “Fad-vertising”

  1. Jeff, you're so right to point out the QR codes. Folks are slapping them up everywhere without putting anything worth it behind them.

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