Decision Making

Say No

They might get mad
I may lose the business
The kids won’t feel like we’re buddies
My employees won’t like me anymore
My spouse will be dissapointed
My boss will be upset
I’ll hurt their feelings
There might be press at that event
If I turn it down, my competitor will take it
My friends will laugh at me
I did it last year, everyone expects me to
I feel bad

Two letters, one syllable, so many complicated emotions and reactions and justifications. But how often is no the right answer? How often do we say yes because it’s easy?

No problem
I’ll have it for you today
OK honey
I can do that
That’s a plan

Don’t let your mouth be on autopilot, don’t say “sure” when what you mean is “holy crap if I take on one more thing I’ll scream”. Have plan for your life (at least for your life right now) and know what is OK and what is not, what you can do and what you cannot, what you will allow and what you will not.

We can not do everything. I know some of us have been told that we can, but it’s a lie. We can however, do anything, with very few restrictions. The difference between the two is what we don’t do, what we don’t allow.

We all have a purpose, a thing we’re supposed to do. Don’t miss your thing because you were so busy doing everything.

Say no.



This is one of my first morning warm up pieces, so I’d appreciate any feedback

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