Being Disciplined

She’s being disciplined.

Hearing that phrase about someone is likely to cause some feelings of admiration in you. It can conjure pictures of accomplishment, maybe you remember some variety of  “doing what you decided you would do even after the excitement of the decision has passed”. Hearing that someone is being disciplined leaves us with positive, hopeful expectations for that person.

He’s being disciplined.

But remember when you were 8, 12, 16? Ah, same phrase, different meaning totally. Depending on where you grew up, it brings up memories of a wooden spoon or a chancla, a complete lack of communication with your friends, electronic devices turned off or removed, the inability to leave your house and sometimes even to leave your room. (I won’t bring up those of you who got timeouts to go to your room with access to all your video games and your TV and your phone, we’ll deal with you guys later, on the dodgeball court.)

Being Self Disciplined

Wanna accomplish something? Lock yourself in your room, office, cube, whatever and unplug the TV. Logout of Facebook and Twitter and if you need a browser, hide the “Pin It” bookmarklet. Turn off the phone, and don’t even try it, you know keeping it on vibrate only makes it worse (buzz, buzz, grab – very Pavlovian). And find your own mental “chancleta” to discipline yourself with if you break your rules.

Don’t Forget The Ice Cream

The best moments of being disciplined as a kid were those few when after the fact you got a cookie or an ice cream or something awesome that said, “lesson learned, stay this course”. It never happened often enough of course, but when you’re self-disciplining, why would you not reward yourself everytime. Of course it needs to be sensible, Louboutin pumps or a new iPad for finishing a couple hours of works may not qualify. But maybe splurge on a half a Mast Brothers chocolate bar or something.

Do you have any self-discipling tips? Please share in the comments.


This is part of my morning warm up series, so I’d appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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