Newsday’s 2nd Tweetup – FollowLI12 on 2/23/12

This past Thursday night, Newsday held their second tweetup at their offices in Melville. I had the pleasure of being at the first one, which was a blast. This year Carl Corry and crew switched it up by limiting invitations to people who were profiled in the paper’s FollowLI section in 2011.

Just wanted to post quickly and congratulate Newsday on a great event and to thank them for inviting me to speak. The group of people there (many old friends and quite a few new ones) were friendly, smart people doing great work; I hope to see many of them again soon.

I’m looking forward to the next one, hint, hint.


The Speakers

  • Carl Corry, Online Editor for Local News at Newsday – @CarlCorry
  • Herman Wong, Social Media Coordinator at Newsday – @Hermanywong
  • Patricia Kitchen, Online Reporter at Newsday – @patriciakitchen
  • Patrick Whittle, Brookhaven Town Reporter at Newsday – @pxwhittle
  • Constance Korol, Founder of Food For Long Island – @ConstanceK @FoodForLI
  • Jeff Namnum, LITweetup Organizer, General Rabble Rouser – @namnum @LITweetup
  • Tom Whitby, Adjunct Professor of Education at St. Jospeh’s College, Founder of #edchat – @TomWhitby
  • Richard Murdocco, Policy Wonk, land-use & planning – @thefoggiestidea
  • Sam Kille, Regional Communications Director at American Red Cross in Greater NY – @SamKille @LIRedCross

I highly recommend following these folks.

Blurry (sorry) Pictures

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