My thoughts on The Well by Chris Gregory

Great storytelling captivates me, especially when I come across a piece that shakes up a preconceived notion I’ve held on to and never considered thoroughly.  The Well: Covering Capitol Hill by Chris Gregory is one of those stories.  My buddy John Doyle (@14str8) shared it on Facebook this morning.  Take a look if you have 4 minutes, read my comments and let me know what you think.

The Well: Covering Capitol Hill from Chris Gregory on Vimeo.

I especially appreciated the comments by Melina Mara; it’s easy for me as a person outside of this world to think ‘oh good, the world of journalism is being disrupted, it’s about time.‘  My impression is still that it’s a good thing overall, but hearing explanations like this makes me understand how crucial it is that we become an “immediate, right now, short form story” and a “reflected upon, considered, investigated, thoughtful story” society.

Melina Mara, Washington Post

The availability of both will be as important in our world as the availability of coverage from every bias has become today. Once upon a time, every news outlet appeared to be in agreement on most things, most of the time.  Today I think an educated consumer of news gets better quality.  Fair & Balanced comes from consumers learning that each point of view has a voice and an outlet and that there are a million fact-checkers waiting for them to screwup who now also have a voice & an outlet.

I hope in the same way right-now and thought-thru journalists and outlets will balance one another.  Just my two-cents, what do you guys think?

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