Long Island SnowDay LITweetUP

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Live video #LITweetUP right here during the #SnowDay!! Talk to all your friends without traveling.

At 10:30 hit the Join Chat button in the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you have a webcam, cue it up so we can see you.

We’ll mostly be just hanging out and comparing Hot Cocoa recipes and making fun of peoples bed-head, but for those of you who like agendas, here are some possible topics:

  • 140confLI
  • my new facial hair, an origin story
  • Social Media Camp LI 2
  • wierdest gift you got for Christmas / Hanukkah
  • TEDxLI
  • feety pjs, appropriate for adults or just creepy
  • the new social business agency we’re launching
  • who’s back hurts worst from shoveling
  • SocialSchoolLI
  • See you there!!

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