Cut the Crap & Help Someone Else Do The Same

After a fairly intense week, I was blessed to go out to dinner (& some darn fine bourbon) with a great friend tonight. It seems that in those special moments when I’m with someone I’ve grown to trust and enjoy who also happens to operate their business inside the NY tech world, invariably the conversation [...]



Now is a dish best enjoyed without much adornment. It’s fresh, nutritious & tasty when it’s eaten as presented. but So often it looks unfamiliar when we first see it. We instinctively grab the shaker and sprinkle enough Yesterday on it until it looks somewhat familiar. That first bite is usually great, comforting even. But [...]


A well Target-ed Ad missed the mark

I’m surfing through FastCompany reading about the Co.Labs & Target Retail Accelerator when Target’s well targeted (yes I went there) banner ad gets my attention (it complimented me). I clicked, it expanded and we began to have a dialogue; a simple, adobe-Flash, intentionally cheesy, computer lady voice conversation about my favorite programming language, among other things. The [...]


Talking #SMAC at Social Media Week NYC 2013

I’m always excited to speak at an event, but I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m extra excited for this next event; I’ll be on a panel at the Social Media Action Camp on Tuesday, February 18th. Why so excited? Check out the lineup and you’ll know why; 18 speakers who all [...]

Now & Laters

Now, later, why

You heard it from your mom or your granddad or an awesome teacher. Maybe you had your very own Mrs. Garrett who taught you life lessons in half hour segments. But however you first encountered it, I’m certain you’ve heard it. “Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.” I woke up this morning thinking [...]


It’s Never Just The Data

My buddy Paul Biedermann pinned a Kissmetric infographic earlier today and it popped up as I’m working on a growth plan for one of my favorite client’s ecommerce efforts. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m elbow deep in sales data and path to purchase stuff but I was inspired to share a quick thought with [...]


Return on Investment – She Remembered

Sunday marked the first ever visit of two of my wife Ruby’s cousins, Soranyi and Darling. Along with them they brought their beautiful families. All in all, it was a lot to look forward to for all of us; the kids had new cousins coming to play with, Ruby had a wonderful woman to talk [...]


Facebook, children and your fences

Got a call yesterday from (the awesome) Patricia Kitchen (@patriciakitchen) at Newsday. We had a nice conversation about the Wall Street Journal’s report that Facebook is testing technology to allow children under 13 to have access to the site. Or as one commenter put it ”Facebook explores not requiring kids under 13 to lie about their age.” The [...]


Be Selfish – Volunteer

Weekends are great times for me. I’m lucky enough to get extra time with incredible people (my wife and kids) and every few weeks, I get an extra treat on Sunday mornings; I’m given the opportunity to speak with a group of the most awesome teenagers and pre-teens at my church. There are so many [...]

Just an ordinary billboard, or is it.


Silly Bandz Beanie Babies MySpace customized profiles Neon Legwarmers Bike Shorts Ripped Jeans Blue hair spray Safety pins Pet Rocks Pants so low your boxers (or thong) show This We all have a fad or two that make us laugh. We might even have a few embarrassing pictures that we wish we could burn or wipe from [...]